Portail de l'appui aux politiques et de la gouvernance


Innovation in governance to transform agrifood systems

Transforming agrifood systems depends crucially on how people can promote and benefit from innovation in governance. Fresh ways to look at policy dialogues and decision-making processes can help societies rapidly face interconnected challenges such as food insecurity and malnutrition, conflicts and the climate crisis.

FAO promotes governance innovation to support countries in adopting the best-tailored strategies to pursue a sustainable, efficient, inclusive and resilient agrifood systems transformation.

- In Indonesia, FAO has helped the government rethink its national strategic planning by using innovative analysis and modelling and supporting continuous consultation of actors at national and decentralized levels.

- In Uganda, FAO has helped consolidate institutional coordination among stakeholders. This resulted in the creation of the National Food Systems Coordination Committee (NFSCC), led by the Office of the Prime Minister, with the participation of a wide range of actors.

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