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Realizing Women’s Rights to Land in the Law. A Guide for Reporting on SDG Indicator 5.a.2

This guide includes a glossary of terms in the Key definitions section. Although grounded in official texts, these definitions have been developed strictly for the purposes of the indicator 5.a.2 methodology only and should not be read to provide a comprehensive or official definition of the term referred to. The guide also cites existing legal and policy examples, with the intention of providing concrete guidance to countries reporting under Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) indicator 5.a.2 as to the type of provisions that reflect the indicator 5.a.2 proxies. These examples reflect versions of the law and policy framework that were available in the FAOLEX until 7 April 2017.

While every effort has been made to attain complete accuracy herein, users of this guide are advised to consult the respective legal or policy instrument and legal dictionaries should they wish to use the information contained herein for a purpose beyond reporting on SDG indicator 5.a.2.

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