Портал по вопросам поддержки политики и управления

Issue paper

PAA Africa’s Contributions to the Consolidation of PRONAE in Mozambique. Working Paper no. 170

The endorsement of the National School Feeding Programme (Projecto de Alimentação Escolar—PRONAE) by the Mozambican Council of Ministers in 2013 represented a key stage in the institutionalization of school feeding and local food purchases in the country’s education system. This publication presents analysis on the divide between policy change and effective implementation. An FAO project, the Purchase from Africans for Africa (PAA Africa), is assessed regarding its demonstrative effect and contributions to enlarge the knowledge basis for translating policy change in effective purchases of food from smallholders for a diversified food basket at schools. The need for a regulatory framework better suited to purchasing from small farmers and to promote and ensure food safety, the coordination with agricultural services, and a dedicated budget are pointed out, among others, as necessary to translate the PRONAE's goals in effective implementation.

FAO, International Policy Centre for Inclusive Growth (IPC-IG)