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Leaving No One Behind: How Blue Growth can benefit women, youth, indigenous groups and migrants

The FAO Blue Growth Initiative (BGI) can contribute to resilient communities to maintain and preserve cultural heritage through sustainable fisheries and aquaculture management for Indigenous Peoples. The Blue Growth Initiative seeks to balance the sustainable management of aquatic resources with economic and social benefits for local communities through traditional knowledge and practices, capacity development and knowledge sharing, food security and nutritional benefits, and an increased voice in resource management and policymaking. Blue Growth will support Indigenous Peoples in achieving the 2030 Agenda across multiple SDGs and targets. This infographic will highlight targetted regional facts on Indigenous management and benefits derived from traditional fisheries and aquaculture practices. The infographic addresses relevant issues for Indigenous Peoples including traditional knowledge and practices, human rights, cultural heritage, food security and nutrition, livelihoods and decent work. It will in particular increase the visibility of the FAO Blue Growth Initiative by highlighting benefits for vulnerable groups. It also highlights relevant cross-divisional publications relating to Indigenous Peoples, Blue Growth, SDG 14, Small-Scale Fisheries, and Responsible Governance of Tenure. It contributes primarily to FAO Strategic Objective 1: Contribute to the eradication of hunger, food insecurity and malnutrition.

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