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World Livestock 2013. Changing disease landscapes

The World Livestock 2013: Changing disease landscapes looks at the evidence of changing disease dynamics involving livestock and explores three key areas:  the pressure, including drivers and risk factors that contribute to disease emergence, spread and persistence; the State, describing the disease dynamics that result from the Pressure and their subsequent impact; and the Response, required both to adapt and improve the State and to mitigate the Pressure.  The report argues that a comprehens ive approach for the promotion of global health is needed to face the complexities of the changing disease landscapes,  giving greater emphasis on agro-ecological resilience, protection of biodiversity and efficient use of natural resources to ensure safer food supply chains, particularly in areas worst afflicted by poverty and animal diseases. Speeding up response times by early detection and reaction – including improved policies that address disease drivers – is key. Forging a safer, healthier world requires  engagement in the One Health approach, which involves all relevant actors and disciplines spanning animal, human and environmental health sectors.