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Training & e-learning

New elearning courses: Right to Food e-learning

A primer to the right to adequate food

This course is part of the e-learning curriculum "Right to Food in Practice" and it introduces the principles and concept of the human right to adequate food and its practical application.

The course also provides an overview of the historical development of this human right, the human rights based approach to development, recourse mechanisms, the Right to Food Guidelines and describes the rights, obligations and responsibilities of rights-holders and duty-bearers of the right to food.

The course is available in English, French and Spanish.

Methodologies for implementing the right to food

This course is part of the Right to Food Curriculum Outline developed by FAO to support the progressive realization of the human right to food.

This course describes a series of analytical, educational and normative methodologies that offer guidance and hands-on advice on the practical aspects of the right to adequate food. It covers a wide range of operational issues such as assessment, legislation, advocacy, education, budgeting and monitoring of this human right.

The course is available only in English.

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