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Issue paper

Consumer organizations and the right to adequate food. Making the connections

Consumers are a powerful force for change towards a sustainably developing world that leaves no one behind and respects the human rights of all. This publication is aimed at making the connections between the important work of consumer organizations and the realization of the right to adequate food, increasing the visibility of these organizations and highlighting their importance to food security, healthy diets and food systems transformations. It is also intended to support consumer organizations in their awareness raising, and capacity development efforts towards even greater impact. In showcasing how the work of consumer organizations contributes towards securing the right to adequate food for all at local, national, regional and global level, it seeks to reinforce their place as vital partners at the policy and decisionmaking table.

It is designed as a complement to Consumer Organizations in Action: a growing community of consumer organizations, presenting their experiences in food issues, as well as facilitating networking, and the exchange of knowledge, skills and good practices.

Policy Theme