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Issue paper

The Global Action on Green Development of Special Agricultural Products: One Country One Priority Product. Action plan 2021–2025

The Action Framework (2021-2025) for the Global Action on Green Development of Special Agro-Products: “One country – One Priority Product” (OCOP) presents the rationale, main pillars, key principles, thematic areas, results framework, budget, and activity planning, coordination and implementation, and guidelines for country project application for implementation of the Global Action.

Special agricultural products (SAPs) are agricultural products with unique qualities and special characteristics associated with geographical locations, farming practices and cultural heritages. They are important examples of underutilized resources, which have not received the same attention as commonly known agricultural products, but which can significantly contribute to ensuring food security and healthy diets, supporting a sustainable bioeconomy, and improving farmers’ livelihoods and economic growth while protecting the environment and biodiversity. SAPs include all kinds of agricultural products, with the potential to become national or local agricultural products, and to be integrated into local, regional, and global markets and trade.

In this context, Global Action has been developed based on the renewed mission of FAO. The Global Action will promote inclusive, profitable, and environmentally sustainable value chains through optimizing the structure, functionality, and service of SAPs production systems, minimizing the application of agrochemicals, waste, and losses, and maximizing integrated agro-profits to enable the transition to MORE efficient, inclusive, resilient, and sustainable agriculture production.

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