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Issue paper

Linkages between inland fisheries and international instruments – Opportunities for engagement

The ecosystem approach to inland fisheries management (EAIFM) requires the consideration of inland fisheries beyond the confines of the fisheries sector. Inland fisheries can be invisible in some fora and processes that can have major positive or negative impacts upon them. An ecosystem approach implies that inland fisheries should be considered beyond their subsector boundaries. Activities in other domains, such as land and water use, have major impacts on inland fisheries through, for example, habitat degradation and loss.

Mainstreaming the values and needs of inland fisheries into these areas is required if their sustainability is to be achieved. The extent to which inland fisheries are included in, or are relevant to, the most directly relevant international conventions, processes and fora, is assessed. These are prioritized based on a combination of the relevance of their mandates, or work areas, and assessed priorities or opportunities for action.