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Case study

Food and Agricultural Policy Trends After the 2008 Food Security Crisis Renewed Attention to Agricultural Development. EASYPol Series 125

Published under the The Food and Agriculture Policy Decision Analysis (FAPDA) project, this paper reviews the policy decisions taken from October 2008 to mid 2010. It aims to analyze the policy trends during the period that followed the peak of the 2008 Food Security Crisis. It seeks to identify possible changes in the policy orientation adopted by selected FAO member countries.

This paper aspires to answer to the question raised as the result of the 2009 FAO publication on "Country Responses to the Food Security Crisis" which had found quite deep changes in the orientation of policies put in place by countries in reaction to the crisis, namely": Is the new policy orientation adopted during the food security crisis maintained and bringing the food and agriculture policy into a new era?

Target Audience: Policy Analysts, Policymakers, International Organizations, Research Institutes and Academics.

Now also available in Chinese.

Maetz, M., Aguirre, M., Kim, S., Matinroshan, Y., Pangrazio, G., Pernechele, V.