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Impacts of Policies on Poverty. Distributional Poverty Gap Measures. EASYPol Series 009

This analytical tool illustrates advanced ways to measure poverty. It belongs to a set of modules that discuss how to measure poverty according to different perspectives. In particular, this module will deal with distributional poverty measures, i.e. those poverty measures based on some inequality measures. The Sen-Kakwani index, the Blackorby-Donaldson index and the Takayama index will be discussed. Many public policies may have an impact on poor people. In policy work it is therefore important to simulate the impact of alternative policies on poverty and to rank policy options according to a wide range of poverty measures. This module will provide the framework for such an analysis. 

This paper is part of a FAO Policy series: EASYPol-Resources for policy making (in agriculture, rural development and food security). To find other EASYPol series' resources, go to the Policy Support and Governance website>Resources and type "EASYPol" in the free text search.

Bellu, L.G., Liberati, P.