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Issue paper

Nutrition and Resilience. Strengthening the links between Resilience and Nutrition in Food and Agriculture

This paper is an attempt to bring together the thinking on nutrition and resilience from a food and agriculture perspective and to discuss the linkages between the two agendas from a conceptual, strategic and operational perspective. The paper argues that good nutrition is both an essential “input” for resilience and an outcome of resilience. It highlights key areas of convergence between the two concepts as well as opportunities to enhance the nutritional impact of resilience building programming in the context of the food and agriculture sector. Building on the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization’s resilience strategy, this paper then suggests concrete actions which can be taken to strengthen resilience along with addressing the root causes of malnutrition. The paper concludes with an acknowledgement of the challenges that remain in linking the two agendas and highlights some areas where further research is needed.