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Issue paper

Combating micronutrient deficiencies: food-based approaches

Micronutrient deficiencies affect more than two billion people in the world today. With long-ranging effects on health, learning ability and productivity they contribute to the vicious cycle of malnutrition, underdevelopment and poverty. Food-based approaches, which include food production, dietary diversification and food fortification, are sustainable strategies for improving the micronutrient status of populations and raising levels of nutrition.

"Combating Micronutrient Deficiencies: Food-based Approaches" focuses on practical, sustainable actions for overcoming micronutrient deficiencies through increased availability, access to and consumption of adequate quantities and appropriate varieties of safe, good quality food. The volume brings together the available knowledge, success stories and lessons learned to demonstrate that foodbased approaches are viable, sustainable and long-term solutions to overcoming micronutrient malnutrition.

"Combating Micronutrient Deficiencies: Food-based Approaches" is a useful resource for policymakers, agronomists, food and nutrition security planners, programme implementers and health workers.