Acción mundial de la FAO sobre servicios de polinización para una agricultura sostenible

United Kingdom

UK Healthy Bees Plan 2009

This plan is a collaboration between England and Wales to address honey bee health over a ten-year period. Aspects of the plan include minimizing risks to bee health through proper husbandry practices, effective biosecurity, the support of scientific knowledge, and increased collaboration between stakeholders.

UK Insect Pollinators Initiative 2010-2015

This initiative provided funds to nine research projects on the causes and consequences of insect pollinator decline in the UK with the goal of strengthening knowledge to inform policy decisions. The research produced over 80 peer-reviewed journal articles and an international workshop on linking pollinator research to policy.

The National Pollinator Strategy: For Bees and Other Pollinators in England 2014-2024

England’s strategy intends to support pollinators on farmland and in urban spaces, address honey bee pest and disease risk, raise awareness on pollinators, and improve knowledge on pollinators through monitoring and research. Actions to implement these goals that are outlined in the strategy include promoting integrated pest management, incentivizing the creation of pollinator habitat and floral resources, developing guidance on the safe use of pesticides, implementing the Healthy Bees Plan, and increasing knowledge-sharing between stakeholders.