Acción mundial de la FAO sobre servicios de polinización para una agricultura sostenible


The Honey Bee Health Strategy 2010

This strategy was formed in response to large outbreaks of European foulbrood and American foulbrood, two diseases that affect honey bee colonies, that occurred across Scotland in 2009. By focusing on prevention rather than cure, the strategy aims to implement education and training initiatives, communication networks, disease surveillance and reporting, and bee health research over a ten-year period.

Pollinator Strategy for Scotland 2017-2027

This pollinator strategy, which addresses other pollinators in addition to managed honey bees, aims to halt and reverse the decline in native pollinator populations, improve knowledge on pollinators and pollination services, manage the commercial use of pollinators in a way that benefits native pollinators, raise awareness on pollinators across different sectors, and enact monitoring programs. The strategy intends to integrate pollinator actions into government policies and gain strong public support on pollinators.