Acción mundial de la FAO sobre servicios de polinización para una agricultura sostenible


The Action Plan for Pollinators in Wales 2013

The Action Plan for Pollinators in Wales aims to reduce and reverse the decline in pollinators through providing more diverse flower-rich habitats, maintaining healthy, sustainable populations of pollinators, raising awareness and providing information, encouraging positive action by everyone and building an evidence base to inform future actions. Key to achieving these aims are monitoring and research on pollinators, integrating pollinator outcomes into agri-environment scheme payments, supporting the UK Healthy Bees Plan, promoting urban pollinator initiatives, and creating a centralized pollinator information hub to provide best practice guidance.

The Plan was co-designed with stakeholders and both the Welsh Government and stakeholders share responsibility for its delivery. The Plan was revised in 2018, and the Action Plan for Pollinators, Review 2013-18 and Future Actions and this document outlines some of its the main achievements. The revised plan also takes into account recent Welsh legislation, which introduced an enhanced biodiversity and resilience of ecosystems duty for public bodies in Wales.