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Major Initiatives


Pollinators play a crucial role from a social, economic and ecological point of view. Globally, there are several threats facing them: climate change, habitat loss, pests and diseases, and intensive agriculture (including pesticides), which are leading to the dramatic decline of both wild and managed species.

To protect bees and pollinators from these threats, and to safeguard their abundance and health, efforts should be made to build a greater diversity of habitats in agricultural and urban settings. Policies in favour of pollinators that promote biological pest control, and limit the use of pesticides should also be implemented.

The purpose of this page is to provide an updated global (but non-exhaustive) list of national and international action plans and strategies in favour of pollinator conservation and sustainable use in order to inspire other institutional and policy makers to create their own guidelines and plans of action.

If your strategy/action plan is not listed, outdated, or has been updated, FAO would love to know!  Please send an email to: [email protected]