FAO's Global Action on Pollination Services for Sustainable Agriculture

Forestry related information materials

Farmer Level Tech: Note for Beginner Beekeeping

Author: FAO and Forest Development Authority of Liberia

Training people in sustainable beekeeping practices does not only contribute to the food security of the households, it can also raise awareness among the beekeepers about the importance of sustainable forest management. This training manual aims at providing the basic skills necessary to practice small scale sustainable beekeeping with topbar hives and highlight the essential role that bees play in nature and food production.

Bees and their role in forest livelihoods: A guide to the services provided by bees and the sustainable harvesting, processing and marketing of their products

Author: FAO

This volume provides basic information about managing wild bees and on the use of their products. It identifies and describes major bee species and their importance for nature conservation and for sustaining livelihoods of rural people. Bee products are considered at both subsistence and commercial levels, and particular attention is given to the potential for further development of managing wild bee species in developing countries. The role of bees for pollination of corps and the impact of managing bees on forestry and farming are presented.

Forest for kids: Learning guide

Author: FAO

What exactly is a forest? Why are forests important for us? What role do they play in giving us the water that we use to drink, cook and water our crops? What are the many products that forests give us? Who can use forests and who do they belong to? Should we worry about their future? The modules in this booklet will help you to answer these questions and many more. They will give you useful background information as you explore and learn about forests with the guidance of your teacher.