FAO's Global Action on Pollination Services for Sustainable Agriculture

Non-economic value

Chapter 5 of the initial scoping for the thematic assessment of pollination and pollinators associated with food production will assess non-economic valuation, with special emphasis on the experience of indigenous and local communities, of impacts of the decline of diversity and/or populations of pollinators. Management and mitigation options as appropriate to different visions, approaches and knowledge systems will also be assessed.

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Grieg-Gran, M. & Gemmill-Herren, B.

Handbook for Participatory Socioeconomic of Pollinator-friendly Practices

FAO and IIED have developed this 5-step guide to help farmers evaluate the benefits, and costs of applying pollinator-friendly practices.


Rapid Assessment of Pollinators' Status

– Chapter 5

This first assessment of the status of pollinators under the International Pollinators Initiative addresses progress in different approaches to conserving and sustainably using pollination services.