FAO's Global Action on Pollination Services for Sustainable Agriculture

Responses to risks

Chapter 6 of the initial scoping for the thematic assessment of pollination and pollinators associated with food production will assess responses to risks associated with the degradation of pollination services and opportunities to restore and strengthen those services. Experience in the use of tools and methodologies for mapping, modelling and analysing options for action will be assessed based on existing work by actors such as FAO, including by assessing how ecological uncertainties can be managed and research and monitoring needs met. The existing experiences recorded by other knowledge systems will be incorporated into this chapter, contributing to the identification of management and policy options. The chapter will furthermore assess how an understanding of pollination declines and deficits can help advance practices and policies, particularly for land-use management, horticulture and agriculture, including through innovative approaches such as ecologically intensified agriculture as well as those used by indigenous and local communities. The assessment of response options will include considerations of policy trade-offs.

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Rapid Assessment of Pollinators' Status

– Chapter 6

– Chapter 7

– Chapter 8

This first assessment of the status of pollinators under the International Pollinators Initiative addresses progress in different approaches to conserving and sustainably using pollination services.


Policy Analysis Paper

Policy Mainstreaming of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services With a Focus on Pollination.