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Potential Effects of Climate Change on Crop Pollination
Author: Kjøhl, M., Nielsen, A. & Stenseth, N.C.
Recognizing that the interactions between climate, crops and biodiversity are complex and not always well understood, FAO has coordinated this review of the potential effects of climate change on crop pollination.
Handbook for Participatory Socioeconomic Evaluation of Pollinator-friendly Practices
Author: Grieg-Gran, M. & Gemmill-Herren, B.
FAO and IIED have developed this 5-step guide to help farmers evaluate the benefits, and costs of applying pollinator-friendly practices.
Protocol to Detect and Assess Pollination Deficits in Crops: A Handbook for its Use
Author: Vaissière, B., Freitas, B. & Gemmill-Herren, B.
As a contribution to the International Pollinators Initiative, FAO and its partners have developed a protocol for assessing and detecting pollination deficits in crops.
Rapid Assessment of Pollinators' Status
Author: FAO
This first assessment of the status of pollinators under the International Pollinators Initiative addresses progress in different approaches to conserving and sustainably using pollination services.
Initial Survey of Good Pollination Practices
Author: FAO
Profiles of pollinator-dependent cropping systems from around the world.
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