Acuerdo sobre medidas del Estado rector del puerto (AMERP)

Comoros and Papua New Guinea become Parties to the PSMA


Comoros and Papua New Guinea are the latest FAO Members to become Parties to the Agreement on Port State Measures (PSMA).

The Agreement entered into force for Comoros and Papua New Guinea, on 31 March and 6 April 2024 respectively, 30 days after the deposit of their instruments of ratification and accession with the Director-General of FAO as the Depositary for the PSMA.

Papua New Guinea’s original instrument of accession was delivered in person on 5 April 2024 by Daphne Hangat of the Papua New Guinea Embassy in Belgium to Anne Conestabile, Legal Officer and Treaties focal point of the FAO Legal Office. The Chief of FAO’s Development Law Service (LEGN), Blaise Kuemlangan, and LEGN Legal Officer, Buba Bojang were present at the occasion. Ms Hangatt also met with Matthew Camilleri, Technical Secretary to the PSMA and Leader of the FAO Fisheries Global and Regional Processes Team.

Comoros’ and Papua New Guinea’s adhesion to the PSMA takes the number of PSMA Parties to 78. This includes the European Union which acts as one Party on behalf of its Member States. Effectively, the number of States that are now covered by the Agreement has risen to 104. The Agreement now covers 64% of the world’s coastal States. The PSMA entered into force in 2016 with 25 Parties.

The PSMA is the most cost-effective means for States to combat illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing. It sets minimum standards for Parties to follow to restrict fish caught through IUU fishing from entering the national or international markets. Within the first five years since entry into force of the Agreement, a third of PSMA Parties had already denied entry or use of port to vessels believed to have engaged in IUU fishing.

With the recent launch of the PSMA Global Information Exchange System (GIES), States are able to exchange vital information between port, flag, and coastal States, as well as other relevant organizations, supporting Parties in being in a better position to take action against vessels involved in IUU fishing.

FAO encourages remaining States to become a Party to the PSMA by depositing their instrument of accession with the FAO Director-General. More information on how a State can become a Party is available here. FAO stands ready to provide support as required through [email protected].