Соглашение о мерах государства порта (СМГП)

Brochure: Implementation of port state measures

22/07/2017 FAO: Swan, J.;Fisheries and Aquaculture Resources Use and Conservation Division

The content of the brochure presents an overview of the Legal template "Implementation of Port State Measures - Legislative template, framework for procedures, role of regional fisheries management organizations", which provides a legislative template and related information for use by port States, as appropriate, to facilitate initial steps, and can be adapted to different legal systems, institutions and instruments. The objective is twofold: to meet those challenges by providing generic legislative templates for the development of national legislation; and to explain broader context of port State measures. It also introduces a framework for procedures, and explains the role of RFMOs, including CMMs for tuna and other select RFMOs.

Access the brochure here.