Calendar 2008

Date Event Venue (Organizer/s)
January 2008
9-11 India International Potato Expo Kolkata, India (Indian Chamber of Commerce)
15-18 Latin American Innovation Network for Potato Improvement and Dissemination Lima, Peru (CIP)
February 2008
1-22 Odyssey of the potato Zurich, Switzerland (CIP/ETH/SDC)
7-8 New Brunswick Potato Conference and Trade Show Grand Falls, Canada (Potatoes NB)
12-14 International exhibition of modern technologies for potato, fruit and vegetable growing Moscow, Russian Federation (Ministry of Agriculture)
15-16 International Potato Technology Expo Charlottetown, Canada (Master Promotions)
20-22 Potato technology course Bogota, Colombia (CEVIPAPA)
21 IYP celebration, culinary event Ottawa, Canada (Le Cordon Bleu, UNA/Unesco)
March 2008
1 Gnocchi lesson night Seattle, USA (Uni. of Washington)
1-5 IYP event, 29th FAO Regional Conference for the Near East Cairo, Egypt (FAO)
1-9 IYP celebration exhibition Pordenone, Italy (ERSA)
6-29 Papa, madre - photographic exhibition Cusco, Peru (CPA, CIP, Peru, Switzerland)
8 Conference: Potato - Perspectives of a hidden treasure Pordenone, Italy (ERSA/FAO)
10-15 International potato course Balcarce, Argentina (INTA)
12-14 United States Potato Board annual meeting Denver, USA (USPB)
24 IYP celebration Hartford, USA (CTShowcase)
25-28 Conference: Potato science for the poor - Challenges for the new millennium Cuzco, Peru (CIP/FAO)
26 Official launch of IYP in Ecuador Quito, Ecuador (Ministry of Agriculture/National IYP Committee)
April 2008
3-4 Potato symposium: Opportunities and challenges in the new millennium Sita Eliya, Sri Lanka (Dept. of Agriculture)
3-6 3rd International Late Blight Conference Beijing, China (GILB)
11 International conference: Reconsidering intellectual property policies in public research Wageningen, Netherlands (Wageningen UR)
11-12 Pinnaroo Spudfest 2008 Pinnaroo (SA), Australia (Spudfest Inc.)
12 Opening, "Potato histories" exhibition Domaine de Trévarez, France (EPCC/CPF)
14-18 IYP event, 30th FAO Regional Conference for Latin America and the Caribbean Brasilia, Brazil (FAO)
May 2008
4 Humble spud! - art exhibition Petersham (NSW), Australia (ATVP)
6-9 Festival "7th art and sciences" Île de Noirmoutier, France (Association Cap aux Sciences)
7 Potato monuments of the world Heichelheim, Germany (Kloßmuseum)
7-20 Exhibition: Potato Odyssey Bruges, Belgium (Belgapom, CIP)
8 Dinner conference on the potato Saint-Ambroise, Canada (Saint-Ambroise Municipality)
15 Opening of the Prince Edward Island Potato Museum O'Leary (PEI), Canada (O'Leary Museum and Library Association)
18 Opening of exhibition "Patate show" Neuchâtel, Switzerland (Jardin botanique)
20-23 National Potato Congress Huancayo, Peru (INIA, DGPA, MINAG)
24 Workshop: Cordon Vert, Potatoes Paris, France (Le Cordon Bleu)
25 Unveiling of potato monument Šencur, Slovenia (DZPK)
29-31 Europatat congress: the potato in the future Bern, Switzerland (Europatat)
30 Peru's National Potato Day Peru
31 Second Potato Festival Pembroke, UK
June 2008
2-20 Course: Seed potato technology, certification and supply systems Wageningen, the Netherlands (Wageningen International)
4 Conference: "Belarusian potato, food security of the nation" Minsk, Belarus (National Scientific and Technical Library)
10 Rediscover the Potato - cooking demonstration London, UK (Cordon Bleu London)
13-15 Month of potato festival Goesan county, Rep. of Korea (Bio)
13-14 Potato Blossom Festival Carman (Manitoba) Canada
14 International Potato Fair Toronto, Canada (Peruvian Community Resource Centre in Canada)
16 Unveiling of potato sculptures Trafalgar (Vic.), Australia (Spud Shed)
16-18 Lincolnshire Agricultural Show Lincoln, UK (Lincolnshire Agricultural Society)
16-20 IYP event, 25th FAO Regional Conference for Africa Nairobi, Kenya (FAO)
23-27 IYP event, 26th FAO Regional Conference for Europe Innsbruck, Austria (FAO)
24 Opening of exhibition: "Potato: Bread of the Andes" Lima, Peru (Museo Nacional de Arqueología, Antropología e Historia)
24-26 International potato processing and storage convention Warsaw, Poland (PPI/PSI)
25 Potato biodiversity awards, National Farmer's Day Lima, Peru (FAO/IYP)
26 Film: "La procession de la pomme de terre" Paris, France (Association Capulí)
26/6-6/7 Photographic exhibition Quito, Ecuador (Casa de la Cultura)
30 Official launch of IYP, Prince Edward Island Charlottetown (PEI), Canada (PEIB)
July 2008
1 Creation of National Register of Peruvian Native Potato Lima, Peru (Government of Peru)
2 Potato workshop Edinburgh, UK (BSPP)
6-10 17th Triennial Conference of the European Association for Potato Research Brasov, Romania (EAPR)
11-13 National Potato Meeting Budrio, Italy (CEPA)
12-20 Potato blossom festival Fort Fairfield, ME (USA)
21-22 Seed Potato Conference Marysville, Australia (Seed Potatoes Victoria)
25-27 Potato festival Roccastrada, Italy
27 Potato festival Ceccano, Italy
27 Potato gastronomy festival Tegucigalpa, Honduras (FAO)
31 Seminar on potato production, utilization and marketing in Honduras La Esperanza/Intibucá, Honduras (FAO)
August 2008
2 Clark Potato Days Clark (SD), USA
7 Potatoes in Practice field event Dundee, UK (BPC)
8 Improving International Potato Production Conference Dundee, UK (SCRI)
8-10 Potato Festival 2008 Manhattan (MT), USA (Chamber of Commerce)
10-14 Potato Association of America - Annual meeting and conference Buffalo (NY), USA (PAA)
13-24 Exhibition: La pomme de terre, un trésor enfoui ExpoCité, Quebec, Canada (Ministry of Agriculture)
16 35th Alliston Potato Festival Alliston, Ontario, Canada
17 Potato festival Warendorf, Germany (Fartmanns Farm)
20-23 National Potato Week Lembang, Indonesia (IVEGRI, CIP, ACIAR)
21-22 Potato conference and exhibition Mauritius (Ministry of Agriculture, MSIRI)
22-23 Potato stand at Cornfest 2008 Taber, Canada (PGA)
22-23 Potato Days Festival Barnesville (MN), USA
23-29 Potato exhibition, 46th International Fair of Agriculture and Food Gornja Radgona, Slovenia (Agricultural Institute of Slovenia)
24 Potato field day Victoria Settlement (Ontario), Canada
29/08-1/09 Potato festival Montecrestese, Italy
31 Potato festival Trefontane, Italy
September 2008
- Xiji County Potato Festival Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, China
2 Potato Day for schools Nykarleby, Finland
5-21 "Art-bulba" exhibition Minsk, Belarus (University of Culture)
6 8th World Festival of Sauteéd Potatoes Šencur, Slovenia (DZPK)
7 Potato festival Cailloux-sur- Fontaines, France (FCFL)
8-9 International conference on potato issues and prospects Paris, France (ARVALIS-CNIPT-GIPT)
10-11 PotatoEurope 2008 - 5th International Potato Exhibition Villers-Saint- Christophe, France (ARVALIS)
13-14 Fous de pommes de terre days Paris, France (CNIPT)
11-21 23rd Potato festival Oreno, Italy (Oreno cultural society)
12-14 6th Potato festival Gottolengo, Italy (Comune di Gottolengo)
12-14 Potato festival Cella, Spain (CEPA)
13 Heichelheim Potato Festival Heichelheim, Germany (Kloßmuseum)
18-28 Potato exhibition, Royal Melbourne Show Melbourne, Australia (RASV)
19-21 Potato festival Rovetta, Italy
19-21 Potato events, Valleyfest 2008 Spokane Valley (WA), USA
20 Richford Potato Festival Richford, NY, USA (Richford Historical Society)
20-21 Potato Festival Berlin, Germany (Open Air Museum)
21 Potato festival Pontirolo, Italy (Pro Loco Pontirolo)
28 Opening, Potato art exhibition Musquodoboit Harbour, Canada (Petpeswick gallery)
October 2008
2 Exhibition and lecture: "Potatoes today and in the future" Helsinki, Finland (Embassy of Peru, Ministry of Agriculture, FAO)
2-7 Commemoration of Irish potato famine Galong, Australia (Shamrock in the Bush)
4-10 Potato week 2008 Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain (Institute for Agrarian Research and Development)
7 International Symposium on Living with Potatoes Fresno (CA), USA (California State University)
7-9 European Phytosanitary Conference on Potato Crops Chernovtsy, Ukraine (EPPO)
7-9 Potato celebration Naxos, Greece (Drymalia Municipality)
12 Ode to the potato Leonessa, Italy (UNAPA, COMIECO, Proloco Leonessa)
16 World Food Day Rome, Italy (FAO)
18 Vurnary Potato Festival Chuvashia, Russian Federation (Sanary/August)
19 Potato festival Kowalewo-Opactwo, Poland (Klub Turystyczny PTTK w Koninie)
25 Lincolnshire sausage and potato festival Lincoln, UK (Lincolnshire County Council)
25-26 Potato varieties exhibition Torriglia, Italy (Consorzio della Quarantina)
31 Workshop, "Potato: food for all people" Pisa, Italy (Faculty of Agriculture, Univ. of Pisa)
November 2008
5 Waterloo Summer on the Green Waterloo (NSW), Australia (Factory Community Centre)
9 Symposium: Think about food through potato Yokohama, Japan (JAICAF/MAFF/FAO/Peru)
10-11 Workshop: Strengthening the potato value chain in developing countries FAO, Rome (FAO,CFC)
18-20 The potato: from the Renaissance to the 21st century Tours, France (CeHVi, IEHCA, CNIPT)
21-23 Conference: Universo Patata, un bene da tutelare Turin/Frossasco, Italy (Museo del Gusto/Consulate of Peru)
30/11-2/12 International potato trade fair Kortrijk, Belgium (Belgapom)
30/11-5/12 23rd Congress of the Latin American Potato Association Mar de Plata, Argentina (ALAP)
December 2008
6/12-9/01 Potato exhibition FAO, Rome (FAO,CIP,ERSA)
9-12 Global potato conference New Delhi, India (IPA,CPRI,ICAR)
10-11 Potato festival Kemerovo, Russian Federation (Kemerovskii State University)
March 2009
22-25 7th World Potato Congress Christchurch, New Zealand (NZPPG)