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Country: Tanzania

My name is Alfred Maira a Tanzanian who conducts poultry activities at Dar es salaam. I am really enthusiastic and love poultry farming.

I mostly keep layers for egg production and...

Country: Nigeria

A poultry farmer wiith one of her birds on her back.

Country: India

Poultry rearing in the countryside of Bengaluru, India.

Country: Zimbabwe

Smallholder farmer in Ruwa, Zimbabwe.

Country: Zimbabwe

Chinhoyi, Zimbabwe - Chickens seen at artisanal fish farmer Christopher Tapfumanei's homestead.

Country: Afghanistan

20 September 2022. Herat province - Ghini Gul from Kushk Robat Sangi district, feeds her poultry flock. She is one of the beneficiaries who received poultry production packages distributed by...

Country: Cambodia

Chan So, Cambodia - Portrait of a chicken producer.


FAO project: GCP/CMB/047/SWI - Strengthening livelihood recovery of COVID-19 most affected rural communities in Cambodia.

Country: Zimbabwe

While checking on the poultry, one bird decided to fly and land on my head. 

Country: Kyrgyzstan

FAO has just completed a family poultry small project that was accomplished despite the pandemic limitations. 

Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo

Mambasa, Democratic Republic of Congo - Chicken breeder Asha Mwamini inspects her chicks at her breeding facility in Mambasa, Ituri province, Democratic Republic of Congo. Mwamini and Ndagana breed chickens...

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