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Country: El Salvador

Beneficiary of an FAO project.

Country: Kenya

Peter and Lilian (couple) receives chicken gift from their grand mum! Chicken in some communities of kenya is such a precious livelihood source that its offer for a gift represent...

Country: Guatemala

12 June 2018, Comitancillo, Guatemala - Elodia López Gabriel, originally from Comitancillo, San Marcos, produces chickens and eggs. The latter are sold to public schools that receive state funds for...

Country: Nigeria

08 April 2017, Maiduguri Nigeria - School girls walk past as a vendor smokes local chicken barbecue in Maiduguri, Borno State in northeast Nigeria, on April 8, 2017. Food and...

Country: Syria

22 May 2017, Homs, Syria - Life-saving assistance to vulnerable IDPs and host communities, plus Emergency support to crop and livestock...

Country: Rwanda

Mayaga sector, Bugesera district, Rwanda – a poultry farmer picks eggs in the morning. He was one of the youth who benefited from FAO’s poultry project funded by Africa Solidarity...

Country: Indonesia

Bambang Sutrisno, a layer farmer in Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia, applied biosecurity to his farm after having received coaching from FAO. Applying biosecurity improves animal health and increases farmers' profits...

Country: Türkiye

OSRO/TUR/702/HCR - Enhancing agricultural knowledge of Syrian refugees and host communities to expand livelihood opportunities.

19 September 2018, Mersin, Turkey - Veterinary Doctor Mustafa Kemal training 23 years old Syrian refugee...

Country: Ukraine

Child with chickens distributed as part of an FAO project in Ukraine in July 2017.

Country: Peru

Las aves son los medios de vida de gran valor para las familias rurales.