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Country: Azerbaijan

In a village in South Azerbijan 

Country: Vietnam

FAO project- Basic biosecurity standards for small and medium scale parent flock farms and hatcheries in Viet Nam

Country: Pakistan

Poultry farming: a source of additional income for the household.

Country: Philippines

FAO and the Philippines Department of Agriculture are testing Rice-Duck Systems in the Bicol and CARAGA regions. Integrating ducks into rice fields can eliminate the need for fertilizers (duck manure...

Country: Vietnam

23 July 2013, Nhan My, Viet Nam - Farmer Nguyen Thi Bang feeding her ducks. Since 1990, Viet Nam has reduced hunger by more than 80 percent. Some of that...

Country: Tajikistan

 Semigani -  FAO Project: GCP/TAJ/001/SWE - Support to Animal Health Sector in Tajikistan - (SIDA Component n. 74003369). 

Country: Bangladesh

FAO is supporting a number of initiatives to improve the productivity of crops, livestock and fisheries in the southern coastal belt – one of the poorest and most climate vulnerable...

Country: China

Poultry dressing practice of vendors in Changsha, China

Country: Egypt

2009 – A worker walking through the indoor chicken coop in a poultry farm, checking vaccine efficacy for the control of Avian Influenza in Egypt.

Country: Kenya

Members of a livelihood farmers field school in Kenya examinig poultry.

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