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Institutions and producer groups/organizations

Poultry institutions vary in size (international, national, regional or local), and may be formal or informal, public or private. They include poultry producer groups/organizations, cooperatives, regulators, input suppliers, service providers (e.g. extension, veterinary care), market agents, research and development organizations, non-governmental organizations, community-based organizations and development partners.

Like many businesses, poultry producers stand to benefit from forming groups or organizations since collective action generally results in reduced costs and increased income. A group may include both men and women producers, or consist only of women or young people. By forming organizations, producers can achieve some economies of scale, e.g. reduce overheads on inputs and services (feed, vaccines, savings and finance, etc.); share risks, including investment and credit risks; learn from each other and exchange useful information; gain more status and influence; earn more income through direct market access, etc.