La peste de los pequeños rumiantes


PPR Blueprint Consultation and FMD Roadmap meeting for Economic Cooperation Organisation (ECO)/West Eurasia countries
Virtual meeting
25/04/2023 - 13/04/2023
Fifth FAO-WOAH PPR vaccine producers and thermotolerant vaccine meeting
Ahmedabad, India
27/03/2023 - 30/03/2023
Research by PPR special prize winners- World Food Forum (WFF) and PPR Secretariat Partnership
Virtual meeting
Pan African PPR Eradication programme and the control of other priority small ruminant diseases
Virtual meeting
New vaccine and market development for small ruminant vaccines at GALVmed
Virtual meeting
5th Peste des Petits Ruminants Global Research and Expertise Network (PPR-GREN) Meeting
Montpellier, France
07/12/2022 - 09/12/2022
Training workshop for North Africa on peste des petits ruminants (PPR) surveillance and episystems to enable disease detection, control and eradication
Virtual meeting
21/11/2022 - 23/11/2022
Contributions of Vétérinaires Sans Frontières (VSF) to the 2030 global PPR eradication programme
Virtual meeting
Fourth PPR Global Eradication Programme Advisory Committee
Rome, Italy (FAO-HQ)
02/11/2022 - 03/11/2022
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