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A selection of FAO publications on climate change and food security in the agricultural sectors – the latest on climate-smart agriculture, food waste reduction, low emission development strategies and much more. 


Researching one of the least-known ocean regions of the world  This book celebrates the years of surveys and studies undertaken by the marine research vessel (RV) Dr. Fridtjof Nansen in the Western Indian Ocean, one of the least-known oceans in the [...]


Acting together, we can achieve Zero Hunger by 2030. This is FAO’s ambitious goal and the theme underpinning the book Towards Zero Hunger 1945–2030, a unique collection of images documenting FAO’s leading role in fighting hunger worldwide since 1945. FAO’s photo [...]


To encourage young people to manage the planet wisely, we have to give them the means to become agents of change. FAO’s Forests for kids teaching and learning guides, released in July 2017, are part of an FAO initiative to [...]


Should we be focusing on whether people are getting enough food or good food? Common sense would say both. Indeed the definition of food security is that it exists “when all people, at all times, have physical, social and economic [...]


This 26-page guide includes practical steps to ensure that programmes contribute to safe employment and training opportunities for youth.

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