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On the International Day for Biological Diversity take some time to read about how and why mainstreaming biodiversity is a vital part of sustainable agriculture, and what FAO is doing in this area. For more titles, see also the Publications catalogue. JUST [...]


International Tea Day is an opportunity to celebrate the cultural heritage, health benefits and economic importance of tea. Find out more about this important commodity that is vital to the many smallholder farmers who produce it! For further reading, see the [...]


Observing World Bee Day on 20 May is an opportunity to highlight the importance of beekeepers and the essential role bees and other pollinators play in keeping people and the planet healthy, safeguarding biodiversity, as well as contributing to food [...]


The Story of the FAO Library – 65th Anniversary 1952–2017 is a journey through the events that led to what has become one of the world’s finest collections of materials (both digital and print) on food, agriculture and international development. 


To help defeat world hunger, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has numerous resources we can all use…right from home. Students and people young and old from all over the world, led by John Cabot University, [...]


Making sure that everyone in the world has sufficient nutritious food requires managing the planet wisely. International Mother Earth Day is an opportunity to browse a selection of publications on topics ranging from climate change or biodiversity to soils, forestry and [...]


Good nutrition is our first defence against disease and our source of energy to live and be active. FAO plays a key role in reorienting the global food system to ensure good nutrition and health. FAO has just published recommendations to [...]


Times like this have led us to rethink our daily lives, from our basic everyday habits to the way we usually get information. FAO is working to guarantee continued access to its knowledge through a wealth of online resources, easily [...]


World Water Day 2020 is an opportunity to put a spotlight on FAO’s work and research for a more sustainable use and management of water resources through a selection of titles below.  World Water Development Report 2020 – Water and Climate [...]


Forests are home to an estimated 80% of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity. However, this biodiversity is under serious threat from deforestation, forest degradation and climate change. Managing forests sustainably, and restoring them when needed, is crucial for people, biodiversity and climate. On [...]