A global response to migration


With the adoption of the Global Compact on Migration nearing and the International Migrants Day on the horizon, here are some new titles on rural migration. By digging deep into rural migration dynamics and impacts, these titles will debunk some common misconceptions on the topic and demonstrate why agriculture and rural development must be an integral component of any global response to migration.

FAO migration framework – In brief
The Framework represents a corporate guidance on the Organization’s work on migration at global, regional and country level.

The State of Food and Agriculture 2018
The 2018 edition focuses on migration in its different forms and highlights how – despite the challenges they may present – migration flows are crucial to economic, social and human development. In particular, the report shows that, despite the challenges it brings, migration can be highly beneficial to rural development and the agriculture sector of both sending and host countries.

The linkages between migration, agriculture, food security and rural development
This report looks into the drivers that push people from rural areas to migrate. The main goal this title is to deepen understanding of the relations that exist between agriculture, food security and rural development.

Policy guidance note on rural migration
This guidance note focuses on how to address the root causes of migration, to ensure safe, orderly and regular migration and harness its potential for food security and nutrition. 

Promoting alternatives to migration for rural youth in Tunisia and Ethiopia
This publication describes the impact of an FAO project on rural communities in Tunisia and Ethiopia, through the testimonies of the young beneficiaries. The project successfully promoted innovative pathways for youth employment and entrepreneurship in rural areas.  

Rural Africa in motion: Dynamics and drivers of migration south of the Sahara
Focusing on a region particularly exposed to migration, this atlas includes maps and infographics showing rural migrants’ profiles, migration drivers and patterns, remittance flows and much more.

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