Join John Cabot University students in sharing FAO’s knowledge on World Book Day


To help defeat world hunger, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has numerous resources we can all use…right from home. Students and people young and old from all over the world, led by John Cabot University, Rome, are celebrating World Book Day on 23 April by sharing short videos about all the knowledge that FAO has to share. Have a look at some of the videos by searching the hashtag #JCUMeetsFAO. You can join in too!

Here’s how you can join on Instagram or Facebook

To create your video (maximum 15 seconds):

  • Go to and find an interesting fact (e.g. “Did you know we’ll have to produce 60% MORE food in 30 years to feed everyone?”).
  • Start the video by saying “Help beat world hunger for World Book Day....”
  • Share your interesting fact.
  • End the video saying “Find your cool fact at FAO Publications.”
  • Add these tags in the video itself and/or as clickable links in the story or story comments:

Note: @FAO may re-post your video if your account is public.

To make it even better, include these filters prepared by the John Cabot University students.



  • Save the attached image (or download from to your phone’s camera roll.
  • From your Instagram home feed, swipe right or tap the upper left camera icon to add a video story (not a post).
  • Once you have shot the video on Instagram, leave the app open, go to your photos and “copy photo”.
  • When you return to Instagram it will appear as a sticker that you can position where you want.


  • Download the image from to your phone’s camera roll.
  • From your Instagram home feed swipe right or tap the upper left camera icon to add a video story (not a post).
  • Tap the text tool "aA" (top right) on your Instagram story.
  • Press the "smiley" icon on your keyboard.
  • Press the "pin" icon and then "create".
  • Select the image from the camera roll and then press "send".
  • If you like, make it a "highlight" story so it will last longer.


  • Go to
  • Hold down the Facebook camera’s large button, and start recording!
  • Use the camera’s top icons to write in:
  • Add clickable tags/links in your story and story comments, including:

World Book and Copyright Day is a UNESCO-led day that celebrates books and knowledge around the world.

Have fun and spread the word!


Illustration: Del Hambre