A 360° vision on food safety


With some 600 million cases of foodborne illnesses every year, unsafe food is a threat to human health and economies around the world. Ensuring food safety is a public health priority and an essential step to achieving food security.

FAO is the only international organization overseeing all aspects of the food chain, providing a 360° vision on food safety.

On World Food Safety Day, have a look at some of FAO’s publications on this topic.

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JUST PUBLISHED: Microbiological risk assessment – Guidance for good
This document provides guidance on risk assessment for all microbial hazards that may adversely affect human health along the food chain, focusing on hazard identification, hazard characterization, exposure assessment and risk characterization.

Guide to World Food Safety Day 2021
This third World Food Safety Day seeks to help prevent, detect and manage foodborne risks, contributing to food security, human health, economic prosperity, agriculture, market access, tourism and sustainable development. 

Looking at edible insects from a food safety perspective. Challenges and opportunities for the sector
The farming of insects for food and feed is on the rise and brings both benefits and challenges. This publication presents food safety hazards that could be associated with edible insects, including biological agents and chemical contaminants. 

Codex and the SDGs – How participation in Codex Alimentarius supports the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
This document explains how Codex work supports countries in achieving the SDGs within the wider framework of the 2030 Agenda, highlighting how the Codex Trust Fund helps developing and transition economy countries to build food safety capacity.

Food safety technical toolkit for Asia and the Pacific
This set of publications summarizes the collaboration between FAO and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) to improve the participation of ASEAN countries in Codex Alimentarius.

Food safety and COVID-19-related resources

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