Building resilience faster: FAO’s work on water


World Water Week 2021 is an opportunity to browse through a list of FAO publications highlighting the Organization’s work to promote coherent approaches to sustainable land and water management.

JUST RELEASED: “Progress on change in water-use efficiency. Global status and acceleration needs for SDG indicator 6.4.1. 2021”
The report provides the information needed to establish, implement and strengthen data-based policies relating to water-use efficiency, and offers an interpretative insight into the SDG indicator tracking progress in this area.

JUST RELEASED: “Progress on level of water stress.  Global status and acceleration needs for SDG indicator 6.4.2. 2021”
Indicator 6.4.2 tracks how much freshwater is being withdrawn by all economic activities, compared to total renewable freshwater resources available. In this report, you can learn more about progress on the level of water stress globally, by country and by major basin.

The State of Food and Agriculture (SOFA) 2020
This edition presents estimates on the pervasiveness of water scarcity in irrigated agriculture and of water shortages in rainfed agriculture, as well as on the number of people affected.

Unpacking water tenure for improved food security and sustainable development
This report explores the ”bundle of rights” approach to unpack the concept and the practical ramifications of water tenure, for further national consultation on the issue of water tenure security and governance. It pays particular attention to local communities’ access and rights to water.

Smart Irrigation – Smart WASH: solutions in response to the pandemic crisis in Africa
The publication explains how to implement the “Smart irrigation–Smart WASH” initiative by assessing and mapping vulnerability in African countries while proposing investment directions to enhance water management in vulnerable communities.

Further reading


  • The State of the World's Land and Water Resources for Food and Agriculture (SOLAW) 2021
  • Water governance analysis (water auditing). A methodological guide
  • Water Productivity, the yield gap and nutrition – The case of Ethiopia
  • Sustainable management and use of fresh-water resources for food security and nutrition in Small Island Development States
  • Resilient Watershed Manager's Handbook
  • Global Forest Resources Assessment study: Managing forests for water

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