Recommended reads for COP26


COP26 is an opportunity to browse through a selection of FAO titles showcasing the Organization’s work on green and climate-resilient agriculture.

For a wider range of titles, check the recently released FAO publications catalogue.

Green and climate-resilient agriculture
This brochure looks at how FAO is applying and scaling up green and climate-resilient agriculture in an integrated way through country support and global advocacy.

Understanding the future of Koronivia Joint Work on Agriculture
This publication outlines the potential pathways/outcomes of the Koronivia Joint Work on Agriculture. It also highlights similar cases of negotiation processes that have taken place under the UNFCCC to illustrate how these pathways can be materialized.

Climate finance in the agriculture and land use sector – Global and regional trends between 2000 and 2018
This analysis of the main features of climate finance — including the source and geographical destination of resources, climate objectives and gender sensitivity — establishes the key trends in the agriculture and land-use sector in the period 2000–2018.

Key success factors and obstacles for FAO energy projects in humanitarian settings
Under the Safe Access to Fuel and Energy (SAFE) programme, FAO has contributed to improving resilience and livelihoods for refugees and internally displaced people in 14 countries through four types of activities: clean cooking, forest management, renewable energy in agri-food chains and policy support.

Recarbonization of global soils – A tool to support the implementation of the Koronivia Joint Work on Agriculture
The implementation of proven Soil Organic Carbon (SOC)-centred Sustainable Soil Management (SSM) practices could address the challenge of compensating global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Soil organic carbon sequestration has been shown to hold the largest sink potential in terrestrial ecosystems and agroecosystems.

Further reading


  • 2021 Global Update Report: Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in the NDCs
  • Sustainable management of freshwater resources for food and nutrition security in Small Island Developing States
  • Observations and key messages on freshwater management for food security in Small Island Developing States – A policy brief
  • Integrated drought management: a rapid review of drought risk mitigation measured
  • A call for action for halting deforestation – Role of forests in achieving SDGs
  • The role of forest products in the global bioeconomy: Pathways to increase their contribution to mitigate climate change and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Renewable energy for agri-food systems: towards sustainable development goals and the Paris Agreement.

Additional resources

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