Land, soil and water resources at stake


Land, soil and water resources for food production form the core of the global food system, and produce more than 95% of the food we eat.



Future agricultural production will depend upon soil, land and water systems, for which we need to find better synergy to keep them in play. 



Have a look at a selection of FAO titles on these topics, including the latest The State of Land and Water for Food and Agriculture 2021 – Main report, launched on 11 May 2022 during COP15.

The State of the World's Land and Water Resources for Food and Agriculture (SOLAW) 2021: Systems at breaking point – Main report
Recent assessments, projections and scenarios from the international community show the continued and increasing depletion of soil, land and water resources, loss of biodiversity, associated degradation and pollution, and scarcity in the primary natural resources. Ten years after its first release, and with the theme “Systems at Breaking Point”, SOLAW 2021 – Main report highlights the major risks and trends related to soil, land and water and presents means of resolving competition among users and generating multiple benefits for people and the environment. A synthesis report is available in all official UN languages as well as in a device-friendly format.

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