Inside FAO: A truly global forum


A new publication, just published in Italian and forthcoming in English, showcases the archeology, history and art of FAO’s headquarters in Rome. Through spectacular photographs and expert commentary, the book presents FAO’s unique historic and cultural heritage, from the rooms where world leaders and experts meet to fight world hunger, to the artworks donated by Member countries and the Roman artefacts discovered on its site due to its location within an important archeological area.

Designed in 1938 by architects Vittorio Cafiero and Mario Ridolfi, the building construction work started the same year, although it stopped during World War II and took over a decade to complete. Two additional buildings were added in the 1980s and early 1990s. Today, FAO headquarters represents more than 100 000 m² over an area of four hectares.

The book springs from the joint effort of a group of archeologists and architects. It is being released in conjunction with the FAO Open Day (11−12 May), when the Organization opens its doors to the public alongside 200 other sites, to celebrate the architecture and design of Rome.

It is available from the FAO Shop or by writing an email to [email protected]