Nutritious Seeds for a Sustainable Future

19 Apr 2016

On the occasion of the International Year of Pulses declared by the United Nations (UN) General Assembly (resolution 68/231), the UN Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) and the Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the UN, in collaboration with the Permanent Missions of Turkey, Pakistan, Brazil, Italy & Namibia, welcome you to a culinary event on
            Tuesday 19th April 2016, 13:15-15:00, Palais des Nations - Bar de l'Escargot, E-Buidling , 3rd floor

       Pulses are a group of crops which has been part of the human diet for millennia. The culinary event will showcase the large variety of pulses available through a multitude of traditional culinary specialties from different regions of the world and highlight the role that pulses can play in achieving food security, nutrition and sustainable development.


  • Sample traditional pulses from all around the world
  • Discover pulses' nutritional benefits and how they foster sustainable agriculture & food security
  • Learn about pulses' environmental benefits
  • Take away some pulses' recipes
Location: Palais des Nations Unies - Bar de l'Escargot, E-Building, 3rd floor, Geneva