‘The tastiest pulse dish’ competition and ‘Talent forums’

18 Nov 2016 - 18 Nov 2016

Zespół Szkół Gastronomiczno-Hotelarskich (Hotel and Catering School Complex) in Kalisz is holding three competitions, as a part of World Food Day celebrations. The first of them is a competition and tasting of ‘The tastiest pulse dish’. The dishes will be prepared by students attending the nutrition and catering services technician programme and the vocational culinary programme.

The remaining two are ‘Talent forums’, in which the participants will present their artwork and multimedia presentations regarding the nutritional value and use of pulses. The best multimedia presentation will be presented on November 18 during the celebrations of World Food Day, whereas the tastiest dish and the winning artwork will be selected by the votes of our students, as well as visiting parents and middle school students.

Location: Zespół Szkół Gastronomiczno-Hotelarskich, Kalisz