Adorable Pulses Family—2016 International Year of Pulses Thematic Exhibition

01 Jun 2016 - 30 Jun 2016

Adorable Pulses Family is a thematic exhibition launched by the China Science and Technology Museum in June. It is mainly for kids of 5-12 years old with an exhibition area of 100m2. In the exhibition, Adorable Pea, the major character, begins his journey looking for family members. Eight pulses with distinct cartoon images appear one by one and introduce their characteristics, especially their performance in nutrition and ecology. The exhibition relies on permanent exhibits of the museum related to life, agriculture and other topics, and a variety of hands-on activities are employed, such as Tofu pudding DIY, bean paste painting and VR experience in the story of Adorable Pulses. It aims to help kids understand the role of common pulses in our daily life in today's China, and get the idea of dietary science and balance.

Location: China Science and Technology Museum, Beijing