Eventos pasados

from: 30/09/2016
to: 02/10/2016

2nd World Grain Forum


Location: Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, Sochi city, Russian Federation


from: 30/09/2016
to: 30/09/2016

Food Footprints at Researchers Night

Since the industrial revolution carbon dioxide emissions have had a profound effect on climate causing global warming and more frequent extreme weather events. Although the increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide levels are often attributed to heavy industry and the use [...]

Location: Firth Courth, Sheffield University, Sheffield,, United Kingdom


from: 29/09/2016
to: 29/09/2016

Conference on the occasion of the international year of pulses: “Nutritious seeds for a sustainable future”

Hungary organizes a conference on the occasion of the International Year of Pulses in Budapest on September 29. The aim of the conference is to show the importance and benefits of pulses from farm to fork. The event is organized [...]

Location: Ministry of Agriculture, Budapest, Hungary


from: 29/09/2016
to: 29/09/2016

2016 Ano Internacional das Leguminosas

Seminário e Feira sobre Leguminosas

Location: Universidade Unilúrio, Campus Universitário de Marrere Bairro de Marrerre, Rua Nr. 4250, Km2.3, Nampula, Mozambique


from: 28/09/2016
to: 28/09/2016

2016 International Year of Pulses Breakfast, IGA Perth Royal Show

The IGA Perth Royal Show is a not-for-profit event that is Western Australia’s biggest and most iconic annual community celebration, championing the success of our agricultural and regional industries. Established in 1834 by the Royal Agricultural Society of WA (RASWA), the [...]

Location: IGA Perth Royal Show, 1 Graylands Rd, Claremont WA 6010, , Australia