Spread the word: The official International Year of Pulses logo

At the 68th session of the General Assembly of the United Nations, 2016 was formally declared the “International Year of Pulses” (IYP). Pulses are dry seeds of leguminous plants, such as beans, peas and lentils, which are distinguished from leguminous oil seeds by their low fat content.

Besides serving as an important source of protein for a large portion of the global population, pulses contribute to healthy soils and climate change mitigation through their nitrogen-fixing properties. They also have numerous health and nutritional benefits. In fact, they are a key component of the general food basket distributed by humanitarian agencies in times of crisis.

The official logo for the International Year of Pulses symbolizes the many advantages of pulses. The pulses displayed in vibrant colors represent the numerous and diverse types and uses of pulses, while the spoon represents their role in a nutritious diet. The pulses themselves are shaped into a heart—a nod to their health benefits, particularly in promoting heart health and preventing non-communicable diseases.

Spread the word in your country

Pulses are an integral part of many diets across the globe, and they have great potential to improve human health, conserve our soils, protect the environment and contribute to global food security. Promoting pulses and their numerous benefits should be a priority for everyone. You can spread the word about the International Year of Pulses in your country by sharing the logo in your local language. Please contact the pulses mailbox with your translation.