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Les bienfaits des légumineuses
En plus de procurer un grand nombre d’éléments nutritionnels et énergétiques, les légumineuses sont des aliments qui améliorent la sécurité alimentaire des ménages à faibles revenus, du fait de leur accessibilité sur le marché.
El frijol en México
Si bien es cierto que el frijol es un alimento básico en la alimentación de los mexicanos, este se ha tenido que importar de otros países como Canadá y Estados Unidos.
Top chefs share secrets of bean cuisine in colorful new book
26 May 2016, Rome -- The UN Food and Agriculture Organization released a new book to mark the International Year of Pulses. This pulse-themed book takes readers on a culinary adventure around the globe with pictures, infographics and interviews with famous chefs from every region. Culinary contributors include the likes of Chef Ron Pickarski of the United States, one of India’s leading chefs Sanjeev Kapoor, Pakistan’s Zubaida Tariq and Turkey’s Didem Şenol Tiryakioğlu. These latter two countries – Turkey and Pakistan are, in fact, leading the international year.
A journey around the world with pulses
The book 'Pulses, nutritious seeds for a sustainable future' takes readers on a journey around the world, showing how edible seeds – known as pulses – fit in each region’s history and culture. Published by FAO as part of the International Year of Pulses 2016 (IYP 2016), the book features 30 recipes from 10 international top chefs along with a wealth of information about all varieties of dried beans, their health benefits and cultural significance around the world. It follows the chefs as they go to market to buy pulses and then back to their restaurants or homes, where each chef then prepares easy dishes and gives their best-kept secrets.
FAO Special Ambassador for the International Year of Pulses, Europe
Jenny Chandler, food writer, cook and blogger, talks about the many benefits of pulses, the pleasure of cooking and eating them, adding a tip for their regular consumption. She joins a group of six goodwill ambassadors for the International Year who will support FAO in promoting the health and environmental benefit of pulses through international events and outreach to media. In addition to Chandler, they are Joyce Boye from Canada, Kadambot Siddique from India, Elizabeth Mpofu from Zimbabwe and Magy Habib from Egypt.
Grains of multiple shapes and colors
This segment is about the importance and the knowledge of pulses in Slovenia.
El maíz y el frijol: El alimento, fuerza y vida
Esta producción radiofónica da a conocer sobre la preparación del Tamal de frijol, y el importante conocimiento que tienen las mujeres en relación a la preparación de estos alimentos, indispensable en nuestra vida, su consumo en los ritos y ceremonias, busca que las generaciones venideras niñas, niños y jóvenes conozcan y aprendan su preparación, así como seguir fortaleciendo su consumo, de manera que vallamos enriqueciendo nuestros platillos regionales. La mayoría de las personas consideran estos alimentos muy fundamentales para nuestra existencia en la vida comunitaria.
Vegetarianism: a trend or a need?
In the contemporary western world more and more people are becoming vegetarians and trying to live a healthy life. It is becoming a trend, a lifestyle. On the other hand, the rest of the world (mainly in third world and developing countries) is living in hunger and trying to survive with what they can produce in poor conditions. This is a discussion on vegetarianism, veganism and the importance of pulses for protein intake. How to properly balance the nutrients in a vegetarian diet? What are the consequences from this lifestyle to the people and to the environment?
Quien bien come y mejor digiere, sólo de viejo se muere
“Quien bien come y mejor digiere, sólo de viejo se muere” es un micro programa que habla acerca de las propiedades y aporte nutricional de las legumbres, así como, los beneficios a la salud que proporciona su consumo.
Pulses: Orphan Crop of the Super foods
In the fourth episode of TARGET: Zero Hunger we walk you through some fertile ground by digging into the ideas and perceptions concerning one of our world’s most powerful super foods. We explore why pulses have become an orphan crop and we’ll talk to some of the people trying hard to change that.
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