West and Central African Countries build capacity in quinoa production and Post-harvest Management

Crop experts from seven countries exchange and learn new crop systems

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The end of a journey, the beginning of a legacy - Assessing the 2013 International Year of Quinoa

The report on the overall results of the IYQ and FAO's role in facilitating the Year was presented at the FAO Council last week.

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Check out this infographic on the impact of the quinoa boom on Bolivian family and small-scale farmers

New findings based on survey results from 100 households located in Southern Bolivia highlight the benefits of the quinoa boom in the region.

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Introduction d’une nouvelle culture au Tchad: le quinoa

Le gouvernement du Tchad a sollicité et obtenu de la FAO le financement d’un projet de Coopération technique en vue d’introduire le quinoa au Tchad.

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The Government of Peru launches an International Competition on Technological Innovation in the Quinoa sector

The competition aims to encourage researchers and technology innovators in the quinoa sector to present innovative proposals that contribute to local, regional or global economic development.

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Celebrating the close of the International Year of Quinoa in Argentina

The Officer in Charge of the FAO Representation in Argentina introduced the "International Quinoa Recipe Book: tradition and innovation" in a seminar organized by the Ministry of Agriculture

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Promoting Quinoa in Morocco

Today, quinoa is gradually integrating into the local landscape and culture with the development of new recipes such as quinoa Moroccan vegetable tagine and quinoa salads.

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Successful International Year of Quinoa 2013 winds down

Bolivian president Evo Morales and Peru's First Lady Nadine Heredia join FAO Director-General at closing ceremony

Published on 17 Dec 2013 read more

"The end of a journey, the beginning of a legacy"

International Year of Quinoa closing ceremonies to be held in Bolivia, Peru, Argentina and Colombia followed by New York.

Published on 16 Dec 2013 read more

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