FAO and Slow Food launch “Quinoa in the Kitchen”

The Slow Food movement and FAO officially launched the book “Quinoa in the Kitchen” today to continue to promote awareness about the super-food’s potential as the International Year of Quinoa draws to a close.

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FAO headquarters to host Bioversity International travelling exhibition about Quinoa

FAO will host the travelling exhibition ‘ From the Andes to the World’ in the atrium from 2- 13 December.

Published on 29 Nov 2013 read more

“The Origin of Quinoa” – Animated video

“Quinoa is life, quinoa is hope, quinoa is the past, quinoa is the present, quinoa is the future of mankind”.

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FAO celebrates quinoa’s legacy with Peru and Bolivia during World Food Week

A symbolic harvest and panel discussion on the Andean "super food" highlight the importance of quinoa and other underutilized crops in the fight against hunger.

Published on 18 Oct 2013 read more

Time-lapse video of quinoa growing in Italy

FAO and the Institute for Agricultural and Forestry Systems in the Mediterranean (IsaFom) have released a time-lapse video showing the remarkable growth of quinoa over a three-month period.

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