"The end of a journey, the beginning of a legacy"

International Year of Quinoa closing ceremonies to be held in Bolivia, Peru, Argentina and Colombia followed by New York.

As the International Year of Quinoa draws to a close this month, various events will take place to mark the end of the year and celebrate its legacy.

The numerous activities and initiatives that have taken place throughout 2013 have pushed this forgotten crop and its enormous potential into the limelight.  However, the IYQ is only the first step in an ongoing process to focus and maintain world attention on the significant role that quinoa can play in the eradication of hunger.

With FAO’s support, quinoa is currently being sown in 26 countries around the world. Solid foundations are now in place for this success to continue into 2014, in the context of the International Year of Family Farming, and beyond.

Information on closing ceremonies and events:

14 December, Bolivia – IYQ Closing Ceremony and International Symposium for Producers and Researchers on the Cultural and Nutritional Values of Quinoa (14-16 December).

16 December, Peru- IYQ Closing Ceremony (Playa Chifrón, Capachica, Puno)

18 December, Argentina – IYQ Closing Ceremony and Seminar “Quinoa: Integrating the Andean Region

19 December, Colombia - IYQ Closing Ceremony (Boyacá)

February, New York – IYQ Closing Ceremony (information to follow)