Quinoa Post-harvest Operations

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Quinoa Post-harvest Operations

QUINOA Post-harvest Operations provides useful general information on harvesting and post-harvest operations such as: storage, drying, threshing, packaging and transport of quinoa in the main producing countries. It also includes requirements for the special treatment of grain and its derivatives to ensure quality.
The publication, which is suitable for all readers, offers: an introduction, a second section on commercialization (last updated in 1997), a third part with valuable nutritional information taken from various publications, which provides a comparison of the properties of different quinoa species.
The fourth and fifth chapters provide information on quality requirements, harvest and post-harvest good practices, and information regarding production costs as of 1997 and thus relatively outdated.
This publication can be complemented by a recent and similar study (also referenced in this list of quinoa publications) named Quinoa: An ancient crop to contribute to world food security.

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