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Catalogue of Commercial Varieties of Quinoa in Peru - International Year of Quinoa 2013
Catalogue of Commercial Varieties of Quinoa in Peru

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Catalogue of Commercial Varieties of Quinoa in Peru

The "Catalogue of commercial varieties of quinoa in Peru" was developed by the INIA and FAO under the "Andean Seeds" project to provide technical and scientific information to researchers, producers and the general public of the main commercial varieties grown in different production areas of the country. The structure and content of the catalogue was revised and validated in national workshops sponsored by the National Institute of Agricultural Innovation (INIA), with the support of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). Specialists in quinoa participated in the Agricultural Experiment Stations (AES) Andenes Cusco, Illpa Puno, Canaan Ayacucho and Santa Ana Huancayo, led by the National Programme for Agricultural Innovation in Andean Crops of INIA, with support from the Andean Seeds technical team of the FAO. As a result the description and characterization of 20 commercial varieties of greater use in traditional and potential areas was achieved in Peru.

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