Reducir la pobreza rural


Year Title Type
2017 FAO Guidance Note - Child labour in agriculture in protracted crises, fragile and humanitarian contexts
2017 The economic case for the expansion of social protection programmes Publications
2015 Enhancing the potential of family farming for poverty reduction and food security through gender-sensitive rural advisory services Publications
FAO work to promote decent rural employment
Lawrence Ofori-Addo (Ghana's Department of Social Welfare, coordinator of the LEAP programme) talks about challenges and benefits of cash transfer programmes Audio
Combined effects and synergies between agricultural and social protection interventions: What is the evidence so far?
Fabio Veras (UNDP-IPC) talks about PtoP from a Latin America perspective and on what needs to be done to connect research to policy changes Audio
2017 Improving Gender Equality in Territorial Issues (IGETI): Territory as an entry to gender equality Brochures
2015 Nutrition and Social protection Publications
Hesche Lemma Hagos (Tigray Regional Government, Ethiopia) on how the PtoP project can be further developed in Ethiopia Audio